Thanks for the hug

It was my first day in graduate school and I had some questions: Will it be fun? Will it be difficult? Can I handle it?

I was sitting in the bus, with my sister, Ate Win. We talked about our new chapters in life–her new job as a lecturer and my new endeavor as a graduate student. We were both excited and nervous because we do not know what to expect.

Before going down the bus, my supportive sister hugged me tightly. That warm hug made me feel empowered and reminded me I am not alone. Thanks for that hug!


Looking back on my teacher days

When asked to introduce myself, I usually say, I was a Math teacher. I always say that because I am proud to be a teacher. And I do feel happy remembering my teacher life.


Yes, I was a Math teacher. I taught for two years in the school where I graduated elementary and high school. Being co-teachers with my former teachers was one of the things I see as an accomplishment in life haha. Yea, it was heartwarming to teach alongside the teachers who taught me the basics in school and in life. Of course I also had young co-teachers, many of us were fresh graduates from college, and that made it easier for us to relate with each other and become good friends!

I experienced many things in my two years of teaching— I taught Math to Grade 5, 6, and 8 students, tried teaching music, arts, play, and other stuff to Preschool Education college students, coached for Math contests, revived the Math Club, joined storytelling contests, read children’s story books to students and teachers on random days, launched my Encouragement Project, played ukulele during events, sort-of mentored practicum students in teaching, made friends with my fellow teachers and staff, enjoyed being a supportive adviser to Grade 6-Industry for their dance and sports endeavors, and many many more! Hayyy, looking back on those good days always makes my heart flutter. I truly love teaching, I really do. I love sharing my time, efforts, knowledge, ideas, and whatever I have to people who might benefit from it. Oh, indeed, I miss teaching!

Writing this confirms in my heart that indeed, teaching is my thing. It is what I love doing. It is what I would want to do even with little pay. It is what I want to be doing when I grow old. I hope I could go back to teaching someday. 🙂

You may ask, What triggered these thoughts, Jas? Don’t you enjoy your work as a Bible translator?

Haha, not that I do not enjoy my present work. I enjoy translating, yes, it’s true. I also like the relationship I have with my teammates and with our consultant. It’s just that uhm, well, okay. I visited my school today and bonded with my favorite teacher. She toured me in the school, and the memories, plus the feelings, just came rushing in! The school environment made me excited. The people, the place, the atmosphere! Haaaaay.

Since I left teaching, many have asked what I will do now with my Math skills. I always say, we’ll see. I might go back to teaching someday. Let me just finish this project. I really like this project that I’m working on that’s why I cannot let it go. 🙂 We’ll see, guys. If teaching is meant for me, I will surely go back to teaching. Someday. Don’t you worry, friends.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I love what I do now as a translator. Teaching and translating are two things I cannot compare. They are special in their own ways. Maybe my emotions were just triggered haha. I guess, I am just being raw and honest right now. Obviously, this is just how I feel right now. Ooooh haha.

Why so defensive, Jas? Hahaha.


Keep me near

Jesus keep me near to Your heart
For outside of You I’m lost
Draw me in the tide of Your will
Lead me as I yield myself to You
Keep me near Your heart
Keep me near Your heart

Rescue me in weakness of mind
When distraction conquers me
Keep me in Your shadow oh Lord
Give me grace to follow where You lead
Keep me near Your heart
Keep me near Your heart

For You are everything that is beautiful
And You are all that I long to see in me
You are everything that is beautiful
Breathe Your desires in me

Keep me in the place where You are
For Your presence is my joy
Break my selfish nature and pride
Mould a life of loyalty to You
Keep me near Your heart
Keep me near Your heart

Form in us a heart of divine beauty


Part three

Subukan ko lang magsulat, for the record lang.

Ang hirap pala. Walang salitang lumalabas.
Di ko kasi sigurado kung mahalaga pa ba,
kailangan ko pa bang…

Kailangan ko pa nga bang isulat ito?

Siguro. Siguro nga. Haha.

Di ko ito kayang paabutin sa 100 words.
Kalahati na muna sa ngayon.


Number 1 prayer item

Why do we have the tendency to care so much for other people but not that much with our family? Bakit andami nating time para sa iba, pero sa sariling pamilya kulang na kulang? How much does our family matter to us? Gaano natin pinapahalagahan ang ating pamilya? Do I still pray for our family? Kelan ko huling pinagpray ang pamilya namin?

Ooooh. Siguro ito na nga ang gagawin ko for 26 days (or nights). I will pray for our family. Intentionally. Tamaa!

Lord, I pray for more quality time together with Papa, Mama, Ate Win, Ate Mai, and Bok. Amen.


Questions of my heart

I read a book that to discover what’s in our hearts, we may take a look on the questions we often ask. The author of that book suggested that we list 100 questions in just one sitting to examine our hearts. And so I tried, haha.

  1. What things really matter to me?
  2. Will I really be able to do all the things I  love to do?
  3. What would life be if no laptops or cellphones were invented?
  4. Why can’t I control myself better than I control myself before?
  5. What things distract me?
  6. When will I learn to cook?
  7. What can I do for the country?
  8. Why do our leaders think that way?
  9. Don’t they have conscience?
  10. What can I do to help Bok open up to our family?
  11. Why can’t I say what I really want to say?
  12. What should I say when Papa gets angry?
  13. What should I do to help spread love at home?
  14. Will taking up MA Biblical Studies really be beneficial for me and for the people around me?
  15. Where do I go next after graduation?
  16. What if my studies affect my work negatively?
  17. Do I really want to marry someone from UMC?
  18. What if I don’t get to marry?
  19. Will I finish this list?
  20. Why am I easily irritated?
  21. Do I need to read more about family dynamics?
  22. What will be my thesis?
  23. When will everyone come to know God?
  24. If I were to start a business, what would it be?
  25. What do bus drivers think about when they drive?
  26. Are love teams really made in heaven or do we get to choose them?
  27. Can I really finish this list in one sitting?
  28. What if I continue this some other time, will the results still be reliable?
  29. How reliable am I?
  30. What is the greatest thing I can do for a friend?
  31. Are all UP students really intelligent?
  32. What does intelligent mean?
  33. If I did not study in FCPC and in UP, will I still think this way?
  34. How can we get our churchmates involved in the ministries of our church?
  35. How important is the Bible to the Filipino people?
  36. Does our work really matter?
  37. How can we educate people about Solid Waste Management?
  38. What can I do to help reduce solid wastes?
  39. Can I still go back to teaching Math?
  40. Will I be able to teach in a public school someday?
  41. What is it like to teach in a public school?
  42. What if my plans happened the way I wanted them?
  43. Did my past crushes also had a crush on me? Haha.
  44. If they were not my crush, would I still treat them the way I treated them?
  45. How can we tell politicians not to cut trees?
  46. How can we tell them to prioritize education?
  47. How can I teach Math even without going back to formal education?
  48. Why do people take photos?
  49. What memories do we love reminiscing?
  50. Why do people love to travel?
  51. Can dogs really understand humans?
  52. Can humans really understand their pets?
  53. What food gives us most energy?
  54. What if fast foods were not established?
  55. How simple is a simple life?
  56. Would I love a simple life?
  57. What happens after we die?
  58. Can we know exactly the answer to that question?
  59. Why do themes on life and death concern us?
  60. How can everybody feel loved?
  61. Why do I need to finish this list?
  62. How can I stop procrastinating?
  63. Why don’t I brush three times a day?
  64. How do we know if he’s the one?
  65. What are the things I really need in my life?
  66. How does art touch our soul?
  67. How does music touch our soul?
  68. If I will write a song, what would it be about?
  69. Why do I love singing?
  70. How can I earn extra income? Hehe
  71. Will our dream library be a reality?
  72. When will Bok go back to church?
  73. When will we start praying together again as a family aside from during meal times?
  74. What can we do together to spend quality time with each other?
  75. Was taking the dog food inside the house a wrong move?
  76. What time would I be sleeping now?
  77. Do I need to go back to my spreadsheet of expenses?
  78. Do I really need to finish this list? Haha
  79. Why do I keep on asking that question?
  80. Do my crushes still remember our moments together with smile on their faces? Haha
  81. What if I marry a non-UMC man, would I be happy?
  82. What gives me joy?
  83. How do I describe a productive day?
  84. How do I describe a meaningful life?
  85. How can I lead the Pinoy OT Team better?
  86. Can I really adapt to the student life?
  87. What can be done to solve the traffic in the Philippines?
  88. Do we really need a van?
  89. When can we buy the house next to us for our library and house extension?
  90. What are my plans after graduation?
  91. Will I stay in Bulacan after my work in PBS?
  92. Will I stay in Bulacan if ever I marry?
  93. What are Bok’s plans?
  94. What should I do with all my things?
  95. When will I mail letters again?
  96. What book will I write?
  97. What motivates a person?
  98. How can we know what we really want?
  99. Is it really important to know what we truly want?
  100. Does God care about the desires of our hearts?

Some of these questions have been roughly answered in my mind as I typed them, but I still typed them anyway. Just for the record. Haha. ❤

Next step: group these questions according to themes. Ooooh.