Last 25 days of 2017

How can I make the last 25 days of 2017 more meaningful?

Oooh earlier this year, I wrote about what would make my 2017 happy and meaningful: Closer relationship with God, family time, Bok in church, organized room, Dream Library, punctual Jassy, God-centered 25th birthday celebration, opportunities to share God’s Word, intentional Jassy.


So, where am I now? Well, I would want to talk about each item on my list but my eyes are stuck on the last item: intentional Jassy. Intentional. Done on purpose. Deliberate. Oooh. And what is my purpose? What do I intend to do? I believe it is to share God’s Word and God’s love to the people around me. How can I do that? What must I do for the rest of the days of 2017 to share God’s love intentionally?

  1. Soak in God’s Word daily.
  2. Post a verse and my reflections on Instagram. Be intentional!
  3. Less convos with friends about crush, more about Christ.
  4. Grab opportunities to talk with a stranger about God’s love and the meaning of Christmas.
  5. Make and send cards showing God’s love.

Thank You Lord. Be with me every day. Amen. ❤