After school Wednesdays

Praying with my churchmates is awesome but praying with my coteachers is even more wow! 🙂
I am thankful God brought us together to study God’s Word, eat together, share our concerns, and pray for each other. Best prayer meeting so far. Every week with you Lord is sweeter than the day before. ♥

Sana next week ulit! 🙂 Thank you po sa ways niyo para magkasama-sama kami. Yehey! Thank you po. Sa uulitin! Amen. 🙂


A forever friend

I never had a guy friend as close as this one. We talk about anything and everything under the sun. We spend more time together than we do with our other friends. I share him my thoughts, he affirms me, and I smile. He appreciates me and I thank him. And oh, he rebukes my thoughts, too, if necessary, and his words get me to rethink my views and opinions on things.

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