Jassy girl

I am a girl with many dreams and random ideas.

I love crayons, numbers, paper, stars, trees, sunsets, hugs, smiles, and hearts ❤

I treasure my alone times in the garden, at the park, up the tree, or even at the roof just looking at the sky and wondering how God amazingly hears my prayers or even the softest whispers of my heart. His love is amazing!

I can spend hours and hours waiting (yes, I’m pretty good on that), during those times I usually dream dreams, plan things, draw just anything, write my To Do List, or initiate a conversation with the nearest person around (this one’s my favorite especially when I feel like sharing or wanting to know something).

I am a Math teacher hoping to share God’s love to my students in every way I can. A daughter and a sister hoping to express more love to my family just as I would do with my friends. A girl hoping to meet my man in God’s time and then live happily ever after with him as we serve Jesus together. (…and that would be when I become a lady so most probably that would be yearsss from now, I’m not sure.)

I am a servant of Jesus and will always be, and am living to give Him my best in every breath that I take and in every moment I’m awake.

I am Jassy, desiring and living to be the person God wants me to be. Yeah.

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