Just that.

I never had a co-teacher as close as this one. We talk about many things. We get to spend more time together because of our schedule. She shares her many thoughts and ideas, I have no choice but to listen HAHA. When I agree with what she says, I affirm her. When I disagree, of course, I express my view. In fairness, she usually reconsiders her opinions after.

We eat carbonara together. One time, the carbonara house was closed, so we tried eating siomai. We usually have meaningful conversations (though she actually does most of the talking) while having merienda or dinner. It’s often just like that. Our talks got deeper when we had our first dinner at Jollibee, the first time we talked about more personal things about ourselves. Yeah.

She is smart. No doubt about it. She loves encountering and solving tricky Math problems. She insists on answering with me and my contestants as we review. She is also engaged with words, and honestly, I am sometimes annoyed whenever she critically analyzes my jokes, weighing whether my jokes are logical or not. URGH. Oh well, but really, I feel happy for her whenever she achieves something because of her wit. 😉

She loves music. She borrows my ukulele when she’s not busy or when she just feels like it! The moment I start playing the guitar, she would sit and play the ukulele. Whatever song I play, she would try to follow.  When she can’t keep up, she asks for the chords of the song. We learn to play songs together, but only after she has internalized the lyrics of the song! Yeah, very Jas.

We ride a jeepney on our way home after college classes. Sometimes I leave her, especially when I have dismissed my class much earlier than her. When I’m in the mood, I wait for her, but not when there are mosquitoes. As we travel, we usually share our thoughts and ideas about some random topics. We also get to talk about our plans for the next morning, or for the next years.

She is a real friend, someone I’m comfortable with. I share her my plans, my concerns, my comments, my joys, and my observations.  She listens sincerely and responds appropriately (as much as she can hehe). Indeed, we learn much from each other – from our intellectual conversations to our friendly talks.  One of our coaches back in high school always teases us when she sees us together, but I always say that we are just friends.

Well, yeah, she is a good friend and we click in many things and we also think alike (because we have great minds haha) BUT I don’t think we’ll go deeper than that. We are really meant to be just friends, I know.

We are good friends. Just that. I feel that way for her and I am sure that she feels the same way, too. 🙂

I once said that she is the type of girl I could have forever with – friendship that lasts forever. She agreed. Since then, I usually say it when others ask about us. I am happy that she is open to the idea of us being friends forever. Just that. Hehe.