Hello 2018!

I read somewhere in Facebook that the most recent 12 emojis that I used would say how each month of my 2018 would go. Haha. My emojis were interesting, so I thought, why not take time to analyze it? Here’s my analysis:

😉 January – wink – maybe some unexpected things will happen
🚲 February – bike – more free time and opportunities to travel
🌺 March – pink flowers – time to bloom? Pwede! HAHA
🌼 April – yellow (and blue) flower – achievements and transitions?
😬 May – “Oops, what should I do now” emoji – uncertainies?
😶 June – speechless – more space for self-check and growth?
💝 July – heart with ribbon – oooh baka naman? Haha pero with reservations pa lolz
🌸 August – pink flowers ulit – ligawan stage! Charots. Deh, baka girly feels, ganyan
😄 September – happy emoji – happy and meaningful days
😅 October – may pawis emoji – awkward moments? Pero masaya hmmm
✌ November – peace sign – reconciliation and world peace hehe, and peace of heart
💗 December – hearts – a month full of love from God flowing to the people around

My 2018 may or may not end up like how it is here on the list, but one thing’s for sure: God will be with me throughout the year as He has always been in my life since 1992 hihi. 🙂 Am now excited for 2018. Yey!


God’s response to my drama

February 23, 2017


Live a life of prayer. Yan na muna sa ngayon. Don’t be so busy doing things for me to the point that you have no time left for me. Put me first in everything that you do. From the moment you wake up to the time you sleep. Live a life of prayer, Jas. Pray. Talk to me. And please, listen. Listen to me. Listen to what I’m saying.

Then things will go well with you and you will have great success. Your success will be based on the people who came to know Me through your life. Share My love for everyone. Talk about Me. Tama na siguro muna ang crush talks at nonsense talks. Ako naman ang ibida mo ngayon. Nalimutan mo na ba ang mga ginawa ko para sayo? Wala ka na bang bagong kwento tungkol sa pagmamahal ko sayo? Be observant, Jas. Andito lang ako lagi sa tabi mo.

Lastly, if you want to walk on water
you’ve got to get out of the boat.


Wag kang makontento sa nakasanayan mo na. Go. Live out My dreams for you. Marami pa kong gustong ipagawa sayo. Hindi ka pa mamamatay. Ang tanong, handa ka na bang sumunod? I’ve been preparing you since Day 1. Alam mo naman kung saan kita tinatawag, tama ba? O hanggang ngayon denial ka pa rin? Don’t worry, Jas, kilala kita. Alam kong sigurista ka, gusto mo malinaw ang lahat. Akong bahala. Ako mismo ang kakausap sayo.

Di na ako magpapaliguy-ligoy pa. Basta, makinig ka lang. Marami akong plano para sayo Jas. Humanda ka na. I love you.


Five minute-break

Yes, hello. 🙂 I think it’s time to stop for a while and write some stuff in my head. Well, to be honest, many thoughts are popping in my head right now and I can’t choose which to write. Hmmmmmm…

Just this week, uhm. Wait, let me rephrase hehe.

Uhm, little by little, I’m starting to… learn that…

Life is not about our profession. Not about our money. Not about what we do for a living. Not about our plans. Not about our dreams. It’s all about relationships. Our relationship with God, and our relationship with others. It is important that in all that we do, we show our love to God and to others. ❤

With this realization, I feel blessed. I feel relieved. I feel free hehe because I need not worry too much on the specifics of life. As long as I pursue my relationship with God and let the love of God flow to the people around me, I know I can live the life God wants me to have. 🙂 Thank You Lord. Amen!