Quality Time

If I will be asked what I truly desire right now, it is quality time with my family. We lack that. We often have no time for each other. I, too, am guilty. Yeah. I just wish we could be together and spend real time with each other, share and listen to each other’s stories, sing songs, dream dreams, exchange smiles and hugs and kisses, dine together, play fun games, and do just anything together. It seems impossible right now but I know this will surely happen in God’s time. Yes, please, Lord Jesus, fill our family with love. Amen.


Wag iwanang tumutulo ang tubig sa gripo. Baka mapuno ang drum at umapaw. Sayang ang tubig, mapapamahal ang bayarin.

Wag hayaang malakas ang apoy sa sinaing.  Pag kumulo, hinaan agad ang apoy. Baka kasi malimutan, sunog na yung ilalim, yung ibabaw di pa na-in-in. Sayang ang kanin – malata yung ibabaw, mapait yung ilalim.

Bantayan kasi, wag basta pabayaan.

Parang puso lang yan. Dapat binabantayan. Wag bubuksan tapos hahayaan lang, go-with-the-flow, “akong bahala” ang peg. Sabi babantayan daw, pero pag nalingat at nalibang, nalimutan na ang pangako sa sarili. Saka makakaalala kapag marami nang nasayang na oras at emosyon. Wag ganun!


My heart’s desires

I desire to know Christ more and more each day.
I desire to share God’s message of hope in every way I can – from the simplest to the grandest.
I desire to affirm, encourage and inspire people around me.
I desire to live only for God’s glory.
I desire to serve Jesus all of my days, with my parents and siblings, and with my future husband, children and grandchildren.
I desire to have a home overflowing with God’s love, grace, joy and peace.
I desire to share smiles with everyone I meet.
I desire to be more caring and responsible as a child, a sister, a teacher, and a friend. 🙂