Writing memories

If I am to write a book, it would be about my memories. Those are my treasures and I want to immortalize them by writing them down in a book.

When I was in college, a classmate told me that I write my memories too long. I really felt down those times and tried to limit all my journal entries to just 100 words. Then little by little, I felt so restricted that I became reserved in writing down what I really want to say.

Tonight, I am giving myself permission to write memories using all the words I need. (I actually intended to write this particular entry using 100 words, but HAHA I want to break that for now) May this entry remind me to write from the heart, without any reservations :)) (Though, of course, there will be times when I will choose to use just 100 words in writing down my memories, and that’s okay. I don’t see any problem with that at all. Hehehe) ๐Ÿ™‚ โค


Five minute-break

Yes, hello. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s time to stop for a while and write some stuff in my head. Well, to be honest, many thoughts are popping in my head right now and I can’t choose which to write. Hmmmmmm…

Just this week, uhm. Wait, let me rephrase hehe.

Uhm, little by little, I’m starting to… learn that…

Life is not about our profession. Not about our money. Not about what we do for a living. Not about our plans. Not about our dreams. It’s all about relationships. Our relationship with God, and our relationship with others. It is important that in all that we do, we show our love to God and to others. โค

With this realization, I feel blessed. I feel relieved. I feel free hehe because I need not worry too much on the specifics of life. As long as I pursue my relationship with God and let the love of God flow to the people around me, I know I can live the life God wants me to have. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You Lord. Amen!


Diskarteng pa-safe

Ako yung tipong pa-safe.
Saktong reaksyon lang.
Di pasaway. Di rin super masunurin.
Sakto lang. Yung hindi pansinin.

Ayoko kasing mapagalitan.
Ayokong masigawan
Kaya tahimik lang ako madalas.
Di ako napag-iinitan.

Pag di ako sumunod, di ko papahalata.
Pag may gala, sinasabay sa valid na lakad.
Tamang timing at dahilan, makakapasa na.
Madali lang naman, basta kumpleto ang paalam.

Madalas din akong gabihin noon
Akala ko nga di pansin, yun pala ako ang di nakakapansin
Nagagalit pala si Papa pag gabi akong umuuwi
Nagpaalam o hindi, di raw ako dapat magpagabi.

Alam ko na ngayon bakit galit si Papa
Pag kumakain ako sa labas at gabi na umuuwi
Gusto nya sabay-sabay kaming kumain
Para maramdaman naman niya ang “pamilya” namin

Alam ko na ngayon na nalulungkot talaga sya
Pag umuwi kaming mga anak nya na nakakain na sa labas
Gaya ngayon, alam kong gutom na siya
Kaso nakakain na ako, tapos sya, magluluto pa.

Nakaka-guilty naman.
Mag-aaral na akong magluto para next time
Pag-uwi niya may pagkain siyang dadatnan
Tapos sabay kaming kakain ng hapunan. ๐Ÿ™‚


Pilipinas kong mahal

Kinakanta namin noon tuwing Friday
Ang ‘Pilipinas kong mahal’
Sinisimulang mababa
Para maabot yung linyang
‘Ang laya mo’y babantayan’

Napakataas kasi nun.
Kailangan ng matinding buwelo.
Di basta-basta pinapasukan
Kaya nga dapat simula pa lang,
Talagang pinaghahandaan na.

Minsan, pag sobrang taas
May ilang di na kumakanta
Di naman daw abot e,
Di lalabas ang boses
Kung mapapahiya lang din, wag na lang.

Kay lungkot diba,
O Pilipinas kong mahal?
Hanggang kelan kami di iimik
Bakit ba ang hirap abutin
Ng laya mong inaasam namin?

Hanggang kailan kami mag-aalangan
Na ang laya mo ay bantayan?


Walang kondisyon

Grabe ang pag-ibig ng Panginoon sa ating lahat. Walang katulad.
Mahal niya tayo kahit marami tayong pagkukulang. Grabe. Nakakalunod. Ibang klase.
Mahal niya tayo kasi mahal niya tayo. Walang kondisyon.
Wala tayong dapat patunayan. Hindi na natin kailangang magpakitang-gilas pa.
Sigurado ang pagmamahal ng Diyos sa atin.

Ang tanong, gaano naman natin kamahal ang ating Panginoong Diyos?
Panigurado, di natin matutumbasan ang pag-ibig niya. Di natin kaya. Basta, ang nais niya, mahalin natin siya nang buong puso, buong isip, buong kaluluwa, at buong lakas.

E kumusta naman ang pag-ibig natin sa kapwa?
Nagmamahal din ba tayo nang walang kondisyon? Ehem.


If your gift is teaching, devote yourself to teaching

This is really my call. I know. I am sure.
I am called to teach the Word of God to the people.
In order to do this faithfully, I myself should study God’s Word deeply. And then live it out.

Teaching Math. Yeah, I also love this, butโ€ฆ
I want to teach not just Math. I want to be a teacher of many things.
I want to teach music and arts. I want to tell stories. I want to share the Word of God.

The question is How?
How can I be a teacher of many things, especially, a teacher of God’s Word?
Will that be more feasible if I become a public school teacher?

What if I take up Master of Arts in Biblical Studies?
Then I could learn more about the Bible and might be allowed to teach Bible subjects in Harris.
There I could also teach Math, music, and arts!

What about our dream library?
Would it really be a reality?
I hope so, and I believe I could be a teacher of many things in that library.

Let’s go back to the public school.
There I could teach Math and values and other life lessons.
I might inspire more students coz indeed there are more children in public schools than anywhere else.

What should I do now?
I don’t know the answer, Lord. I really don’t know.
Where are you leading me? What do you want me to do for You?

*Daily Prompt: Passionate


Birthday countdown

When Ber-months come in, countdown to Christmas also begin
And well, as my closest friends know,
I also start a countdown with my twin.

When we were younger, we would sit up the side car of our tricycle
And sing, “Happy birthday to me,” wholeheartedly ๐Ÿ™‚
Aaah I miss those days โค

Yes, we were kids then
And our neighbor would always ask us to go down, worried thatย we might fall.
But we never did till we finish our birthday song. Haha

Sitting side by side, we smile, raise our arms, and sing as loud as we can.
Happy birthday to me! ๐Ÿ™‚


*This post is written in response toย Daily Prompt: Cake