Roller coaster ride woooo

Ang sarap ibalik ng pilit kong kinalimutang paghanga.

Pero ayos na rin na hindi ko na siya bonggang-bonggang crush.

Lahat ng pagiging gentleman niya nung magkasama kami, lahat yun naalala ko.

Pero hindi e. Hindi kami swak. Hanggang crush lang talaga siya. :p Malabo kaming magkatuluyan HAHA kulit ko talaga. :p

Interesting siya at amazing. Mahalaga rin siya sa akin.

Pero masaya akong ituring siya na hanggang brother lang, imbes na partner chuchu, kasi hanggang dun lang talaga.

Masaya magka-crush lalo na nung nakakasama at nakakausap ko pa siya nang madalas.

Pero mas masayang magkaroon ng kapatid na laging handang makinig at magpahalaga sa akin nang walang halong malisya. 🙂

Ayun e!

Writing Assignment #5:
You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.
Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.


“Hey! Talk to you again later? 🙂

See you! -Gab”


Oooh… Me? Gab, who? Could it be…?

Haha, what am I thinking? Impossible.

He doesn’t know me anymore.

He can’t even call me by name now.

This is not for me.

Better leave this here.



Haha. Kukumpletuhin ko talaga itong Writing 101. :p

Writing 101, Day Five: Be Brief


Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Write about a loss. Hmm. Something that isn’t a part of my life anymore?




Three to four months ago, I lost my umbrella. It’s not just an ordinary umbrella — it is my DORA Umbrella! Haay. My tutee’s mother gave it to me last December after finding out how I loved Dora. Haha. The first time I took it home, I was so excited – reallyexcited! – that I wanted the rain to fall that very moment. HAHA. The next day, it rained. I smiled and opened my umbrella. I savored the moment. 🙂

I remember a time when a friend needed an umbrella; I volunteered to lend it to her but she refused. HAHA. She said she didn’t have the guts to use an eye-catching Dora umbrella. Just for the record, none of my friends ever had the courage to borrow my umbrella for its real function. Funny :p HAHA

But sadly, as I have said earlier, I lost my umbrella. 😦


How I lost my umbrella

I left Pinkie Dora inside the church

So I went back after a week

Thank God, she’s still there!

I picked her up, and held her close, and hugged her real tight HAHA 🙂


Inside the van, she’s still with me (I’m so happy)

I got out, looked to the left and to the right, then walked across the street

and as I can remember

she was still there with me.


Inside the tricycle, she’s still with me…, I guess

I stepped out the trike, pushed the gate, entered our house, but

to be honest, I can’t remember, uhm, actually, I think I forgot her…

I have left her behind… I don’t know why huhu…


Days after, I searched for her inside our house,

Inside the church, the van, and the trike

But she’s not there.

She’s not there. 😦


 “There is a time for everything…

A time to search

And a time to give up…”

-Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6


Will I be able to find her again?

Part 1 of 3




My fourth writing assignment

Writing 101, Day Four: The Serial Killer



First, I would like to thank Writing 101 for reminding me to just let go of my thoughts and emotions as I write. Thank you. 🙂

Hmm. Three most important songs in my life?

  1. May galak, may saya
  2. Free to dance
  3. Can’t take that away from me

I love singing May galak, May saya. I smile whenever I sing it. Even now as I hum it to myself, I can’t help but smile. This song reminds me that with God, there is joy, peace, and strength; there is singing, dancing, and praising.  Sapagkat hirap ng puso ay naglalaho.  This line refreshes me because it seems to really take away everything that’s making my heart feel heavy. 🙂 And truly, all these singing, dancing, and praising are brought by a rejoicing and blessed heart (hatid ng pusong pinagpala Niyang lubos). ❤ Yey! Thank you Lord. 🙂

Next song, Free to Dance. I remember the time I felt so down that I wanted to escape from all my responsibilities. I dwelt on my negative thoughts for quite a long time (around two weeks? or three?).  Then a friend lent me her book, Heidi.  I read how Heidi was so carefree and, uhm, and free! HAHA. She was so spontaneous and appreciative that everything around her seemed perfect.  I realized then that I want to be like her, just as who I was before.  When I came back to my jolly self, Free to Dance captured it all.


I’ll sing in the darkness, I’ll laugh in the rain; rejoice in your love again.

It’s your song of freedom, now I’m free to dance again. 🙂

Haay! I really love this song. :)))


Last but not the least is Can’t take that away from me by Mariah Carey.  I first heard this song in highschool.  I was feeling very down then because of the pressure I get from my coach while reviewing Mathematics alone in the faculty room all day. (Well, I think, alone all day is an exaggeration. Haha. Bare with me, I was depressed those times. HAHA) I was feeling low when a close friend entered the room.  I shared how I feel and then she took her MP3 player in her bag and lent it to me. She played the song and handed the player to me; then she bid goodbye. I sat down, trying to guess what song it was as the instrumental was playing.  It was a new song to me. The lyrics hit me. A tear dropped.  Then another.  I cried. I didn’t expect I would cry.  The words. They were exactly how I feel. I was having my moment when she entered the room again and, of course, she saw me crying. HAHA. HAHAHA.


My third writing assignment:

Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice


My favorite tree in Pangarap

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

I want to go to a place where I could rest for a while and dream again.

I want to sit under my favorite umbrella tree in Pangarap.  I dream to stay there as long as I want and as long as the tree wants to embrace me with its wide branches.  Its green and red-orange leaves would serve as my shade while still letting some rays of sunlight pass through their spaces.  The smell of the freshly cut grass and the moist rocks will make me feel like I’m somewhere far from the city.  I also want to breathe some fresh air but that would not be possible since my favorite tree is planted in a center island of a highway where buses, jeepneys, trucks, and private cars pass by.  Hmm, it’s okay.  I will  just hope that their horns would be harmonious with the songs of the birds up the tree and then I’ll breathe in as much fresh air as possible HAHA. 😀



Now, back to reality.

I have just read an article about trees being cut down for road widening projects; it broke my heart. And so now, I want to go to DPWH and DENR and ask them why they are killing the trees. But, of course, they will not answer me sincerely. Haay. I want to do something, but I don’t know what I could do to save the trees. :/

Maybe, I could go to a road widening project (and hug the trees) and then stop the DPWH men from axing the trees… but with me alone? I don’t think it’s possible.  Maybe, I could go to the community and encourage them to fight for the rights of the trees… but are we that determined and passionate to speak for the trees, just like what Lorax did? Hmm.

Oh, this is what I’ll do: As I enter the classroom this June, I will instill to my students the importance of trees in our lives.  Also, I wish to develop in them values that would make them honorable and excellent government officials someday. That’s what I can do for now – invest on my students.


PS I hope DPWH has no plans yet to widen Quirino highway because I really want to sit under my favorite umbrella tree in Pangarap someday.


My second writing assignment 🙂

Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)


Unlocking My Mind

Finally, I am pushed to write again! I still don’t know what to write now but I hope this would make sense as I go on.

Oh, I’ve been thinking on writing why I blog, maybe now’s the time to do it. Or not. Haha.

My younger cousin is kind of distracting me now; I can’t concentrate. Hmm. Do I really need to concentrate?

Twenty minutes. What can be done in twenty minutes aside from writing my thoughts? Review for LET, make my bed, prepare my materials for classroom decoration, dream, watch TV, rest and take a nap, or just stare somewhere. :p  But I choose to write.  I miss writing. I don’t care much of my cousin singing the Let it go again and again. (Oh, good news! He left the room just now. Haha.)

Why am I writing?

When I was in college, our professor in Creative Writing class instructed us to have a writing journal and write in it everyday.  We may write anything – poems, stories, jokes, quotes, conversations, thoughts, memories, etc. I choose to write memories because they are important to me. I love reminiscing memories, especially the happy ones. And what I love even more is when I read those memories after a year, a month, or even just after a day. 🙂 Oh, I miss writing. I haven’t wrote any memory for the past, uhm, twenty days (?)

Writing. To be a good writer, one must be a good reader. This is my problem. I don’t read as much as my friends do. Oh, actually, I read books such as devotional books and inspirational books but not much on stories or novels. Honestly, I feel kind of insecure because I know I don’t read much. Okay. Too much on that topic. Or maybe not.

I want to share the book I read most: the Bible. I just realized the Bible contains stories. Haha, all this time I thought I was not reading stories, silly me. (Argh, many thoughts are popping in my head. I can’t write everything! They’re too fast to be processed and encoded. Huhu.)

Now, where am I?

Oh, twenty minutes is over. Hihi. That was fast.


My first writing assignment. 😀

Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind