God’s response to my drama

February 23, 2017


Live a life of prayer. Yan na muna sa ngayon. Don’t be so busy doing things for me to the point that you have no time left for me. Put me first in everything that you do. From the moment you wake up to the time you sleep. Live a life of prayer, Jas. Pray. Talk to me. And please, listen. Listen to me. Listen to what I’m saying.

Then things will go well with you and you will have great success. Your success will be based on the people who came to know Me through your life. Share My love for everyone. Talk about Me. Tama na siguro muna ang crush talks at nonsense talks. Ako naman ang ibida mo ngayon. Nalimutan mo na ba ang mga ginawa ko para sayo? Wala ka na bang bagong kwento tungkol sa pagmamahal ko sayo? Be observant, Jas. Andito lang ako lagi sa tabi mo.

Lastly, if you want to walk on water
you’ve got to get out of the boat.


Wag kang makontento sa nakasanayan mo na. Go. Live out My dreams for you. Marami pa kong gustong ipagawa sayo. Hindi ka pa mamamatay. Ang tanong, handa ka na bang sumunod? I’ve been preparing you since Day 1. Alam mo naman kung saan kita tinatawag, tama ba? O hanggang ngayon denial ka pa rin? Don’t worry, Jas, kilala kita. Alam kong sigurista ka, gusto mo malinaw ang lahat. Akong bahala. Ako mismo ang kakausap sayo.

Di na ako magpapaliguy-ligoy pa. Basta, makinig ka lang. Marami akong plano para sayo Jas. Humanda ka na. I love you.


Happy and meaningful 2017


Things and events that will make my 2017 happy and meaningful 🙂

  1. Closer relationship with God through daily Bible reading and praying, listening to songs, reading books, writing reflections, and sharing God’s word to more people.
  2. More time for family meals, family kwentuhan and bonding ❤
  3. Bok attending church regularly again, hopefully before we celebrate our 25th birthday. 🙂
  4. More organized room (and the whole house), less clutter, more space for breathing.
  5. Soft-launch of our Crismo Dream Library, with books well-sorted and children enjoying reading the books.
  6. Punctual Jassy, never late for work, at church, in meeting friends, etc.
  7. A God-centered 25th birthday celebration, whether thru a concert, exhibit, pakain, or whatever it may be.
  8. Grabbed and maximized opportunities to share God’s word and God’s love in word and in deed, inside the bus, in our neighborhood, at work, at home, with friends, etc. (Hope I could write those stories!)
  9. Jassy filled with joy, strength, wisdom, and courage to share God’s love to the world. 🙂 ❤

Education in Agoo

We are on our way to Baguio and just earlier, I saw a sign that points the way to Agoo. My college field trip in that place suddenly flashed back.

Our trip to Agoo was one of my best field trips because of the inspiration I got from it. I love the place not because of awesome landmarks or whatsoever but because of its number 1 priority, which is education. I really love them for that hehe

The previous and present mayors of the town of Agoo prioritize education. And they really mean it! Aside from the formal public schools, they also provide alternative forms of education. They have established many centers for Alternative Learning System, from playing musical instruments to gardening to making products from recycled materials. Their Maximum Recovery Facility is  well-organized. Their market is clean and has a library! Yes, an airconditioned library with Wi-fi, so children can read while their parents are busy shopping in the market. They also value adult education and so teach lolos and lolas to read. Wow talaga.

The crime rate in Agoo is almost 0%, and I believe it is because the people there are well-educated. They know right from wrong, and know they should do the right thing. They are empowered and so they dream big. If only the whole country would prioritize education too! Instead of killing people, why not educate them? Especially the young people. They should be educated and empowered as early as now.

Oh, dear government officials, ano nga ba ang priority niyo? Can’t you see education is the key? Well, let me clear, education is not only about exams and grades, if that’s what you think. Education is what we can give to the next generation so they can be equipped for life’s greater challenges. Education lets us use what we already know and work on what we need to know more. Education prepares us mentally, physicaly, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. And above all else, education helps us discover the Big Dream that God has for us and the Big Need that we will be catering so we can live a full and meaningful life.

Haha if I will join Miss Universe, this would be my advocacy: Education for all! 🙂 Thanks to Agoo for the inspiration! ❤


Five minute-break

Yes, hello. 🙂 I think it’s time to stop for a while and write some stuff in my head. Well, to be honest, many thoughts are popping in my head right now and I can’t choose which to write. Hmmmmmm…

Just this week, uhm. Wait, let me rephrase hehe.

Uhm, little by little, I’m starting to… learn that…

Life is not about our profession. Not about our money. Not about what we do for a living. Not about our plans. Not about our dreams. It’s all about relationships. Our relationship with God, and our relationship with others. It is important that in all that we do, we show our love to God and to others. ❤

With this realization, I feel blessed. I feel relieved. I feel free hehe because I need not worry too much on the specifics of life. As long as I pursue my relationship with God and let the love of God flow to the people around me, I know I can live the life God wants me to have. 🙂 Thank You Lord. Amen!


If your gift is teaching, devote yourself to teaching

This is really my call. I know. I am sure.
I am called to teach the Word of God to the people.
In order to do this faithfully, I myself should study God’s Word deeply. And then live it out.

Teaching Math. Yeah, I also love this, but…
I want to teach not just Math. I want to be a teacher of many things.
I want to teach music and arts. I want to tell stories. I want to share the Word of God.

The question is How?
How can I be a teacher of many things, especially, a teacher of God’s Word?
Will that be more feasible if I become a public school teacher?

What if I take up Master of Arts in Biblical Studies?
Then I could learn more about the Bible and might be allowed to teach Bible subjects in Harris.
There I could also teach Math, music, and arts!

What about our dream library?
Would it really be a reality?
I hope so, and I believe I could be a teacher of many things in that library.

Let’s go back to the public school.
There I could teach Math and values and other life lessons.
I might inspire more students coz indeed there are more children in public schools than anywhere else.

What should I do now?
I don’t know the answer, Lord. I really don’t know.
Where are you leading me? What do you want me to do for You?

*Daily Prompt: Passionate


Farewell Song

Times like this when I am missing my school days as a student and as a teacher, and would just want to spend my time reminiscing, this song – our school’s farewell song –  would always come to mind. Singing this to myself brings all those sweet memories back to life. 🙂

It hurts and pains my heart
To leave sweet memories back
To part and bid goodbye
To friends I truly love

But I have to face the world
Go out and try to survive
To act on the stage of life
And to perform my part

Let’s cherish all sweet memories
Let us forget what might have been
The fun, the jokes we have shared
Tears of joy we’ll remember

From my heart to you, my dear friend
May this parting be not the end
We’ll be together in dreams and in prayers
And let’s remember friends are forever

Till then, till we meet again
My dear friends

I miss being in school. I miss my classmates and teachers then. I miss my students and my co-teachers. I miss my school life. I miss FCPC. I miss my dear friends – the friends I truly love. ❤




Field Demo experience

Thank You Lord sa Field Demo. 🙂

Salamat po sa grace niyo sa buong paghahanda namin, sa lakas at energy na binigay niyo sa walang katapusan naming practice, sa katapangan na binigay niyo nung first time kong contact-in ang parents hehe, sa mga taong inilapit niyo sa akin para makatulong sa paghahanap ko ng mananahi at tela para sa costume ng mga bata, at sa kasiyahang naidulot ng mismong pagsayaw nila ng Mazurka Boholana.

Grabe. Life-changing. Sabay ganun e no? Hehe. Pero honestly, Lord, ngayong field demo ko po pinakanaranasan ang pagiging adviser ko. Oo, nakakapagod mag-asikaso ng costumes, mag-oversee ng practice, mag-passify ng mga agitated na bata dahil sa kaka-practice, kumausap ng mga demotivated sumayaw, at magpangiti ng mga batang pagod at kinakabahan HAHA. Pero napagod man ako physically, ang gaan-gaan naman ng pakiramdam ko lalo pag nakikita kong unti-unti nang naayos yung sayaw namin, nagiging kalmado na yung mga kaninang iritable, at sumasayaw na rin yung mga nung una e ayaw talagang sumali. Nakakangiti na sila at nagiging confident. Nakakatuwa. Ang sarap maging titser. Ang sarap maging adviser. ❤

Maraming salamat po, Panginoon. Salamat po ng maraming-marami sa privilege na maging adviser ng Grade 6-Industry. 🙂 Salamat po sa lahaaaat ng natutunan at naranasan ko dahil sa Field Demo na ito. 🙂


Salamat din po na naging 1st runner-up kami. Salamat po sa 6-Industry boys and girls na nagbigay ng oras at effort at lahat ng meron sila para maging maayos ang sayaw namin. Salamat po sa parents na pinayagan silang mag-practice nung Thursday kahit na walang pasok nun. Salamat po kay Irish na tumulong sa aming matapos ang sayaw. Salamat po sa Rondalla na sumama sa amin sa pagppractice. Salamat din po sa coteachers ko na tumulong sa pagmmake-up sa mga bata, lalo’t wala talaga akong alam dun. Hehe.

Salamat po sa experience na ito na naging dahilan para maging mas close kami ng mga estudyante ko. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na makitang masaya sila sa mga ginagawa nila at talagang napapahalagahan nila ang pagkakaibigan nila. Nakakatuwa rin na naging bahagi na talaga ng kahit anong ginagawa namin ang pananalangin. Yehey! Nakakataba talaga ng puso. Lalo na kapag naaalala ko yung mga ngiti nila nung tinawag na yung section namin. Alam kong binigay nila ang best nila, ako rin, nabigay ko ang best ko. At lahat po ng ito ay para sa inyo at dahil sa inyo, Panginoon. Sa Diyos ang lahat ng papuri!

Salamat po sa lahat-lahat. Maraming salamat po, Panginoong Jesus. Amen. Amen. 🙂