Back to my Quiet Times

As I read blog posts and notes and reflections I’ve written years ago, I can’t help but be amazed on how I processed my thoughts back then. It seemed like I had so much time, or maybe, I really made time to think things through. I miss that attitude.

Well, I had time maybe because internet was not that accessible before, which means going online was not yet that much of a temptation as it is now. Maybe.

Looking back, I think what made me wiser before were my daily conversations with God. I remember how fruitful my Quiet Times were– tho, okay fine, there were also times when I skipped– but overall during my college years, I learned many things about God and my place in the world as Jesus’ friend. I learned more about God’s love and plan written in the Bible. I was empowered to share to the people I meet what I learned. And I believe that the lessons I learned and shared and applied in life made me wiser. I lived with intentionality, always wanting to share God’s word to everyone.

Oh, memories! I hope to live wiser again this 2018, and even more than that!


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