Do you feel loved?

What a question from the Question Diary! Pondering on it, I realized I do not always feel loved. It depends on who I am with. Sometimes, I can feel their warmth and concern, other times, I would feel insecure and threatened. So to give myself some love boost, I thought of listing the times when I feel loved.

1. When my officemate tells me to eat first before telling them stories.

2. When my classmate agrees that we go home together.

3. When my bestfriend invites me to hang out with her.

4. When our dog jumps at me every time I go home.

5. When the kids that we teach smile as we arrive.

The world is such a lonely place and I guess the only cure for this is to love even in the simplest ways. But one may ask, How can I express love when my love tank is empty? Hmm. That reminds me of a poem I read years back:

If God is love, the source, the spring,

Should not the lover pilgrimage there–

Reverently seeking supply–

That the cup he gives will not be dry?

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