Writing memories

If I am to write a book, it would be about my memories. Those are my treasures and I want to immortalize them by writing them down in a book.

When I was in college, a classmate told me that I write my memories too long. I really felt down those times and tried to limit all my journal entries to just 100 words. Then little by little, I felt so restricted that I became reserved in writing down what I really want to say.

Tonight, I am giving myself permission to write memories using all the words I need. (I actually intended to write this particular entry using 100 words, but HAHA I want to break that for now) May this entry remind me to write from the heart, without any reservations :)) (Though, of course, there will be times when I will choose to use just 100 words in writing down my memories, and that’s okay. I don’t see any problem with that at all. Hehehe) 🙂 ❤


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