Prayer Time

Mama left for Singapore early this morning and she’ll be back on November 8. As usual, we prayed together before she left. Mama was about to start the prayer when Papa said, “Okay, Jas, lead the prayer.”

Oooh, that was something new. Mama seconded that I lead the family in prayer. She told me to pray for her.

Yes, of course, I thought.

Then she said, “Pray also for the patience of all of you here at home.”

And so I prayed. I prayed for Mama’s safety and fulfillment on her travel. Then I prayed for a productive weekend for all of us left at home. I hesitated to pray for more patience, concerned that they might get offended. I wanted to pray for more love at home, but I held back my words. It was kind of awkward to say it aloud. I mean, how would everyone react if they hear the phrase more love at home? (We don’t usually talk about love at home hehe.)

The prayer ended without me saying all that I wanted to lift up to God in prayer. Oh, next prayer time if I’ll be asked to lead again, I hope I could say my prayer without reservations. 🙂


Upon writing this, I realized we should start talking about love little by little so that it won’t keep on being a taboo inside our home. Maybe by saying and hearing the word love more often, we could be able to express our love for each other more naturally. Oh yeah! HAHA


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