Can we give thanks without having a grateful heart?

Empty words. Those are words we need not hear nor say because they mean nothing. That’s how it is when we say thanks without being grateful.

We can’t just say we are thankful, we got to live it out. When we say we thank God for giving us a new day, we should spend the day doing what we are supposed to do and not just let the hours pass by till the sun sets again. When we say we thank God for our families, we should spend time with them, listen to their concerns, and think of ways to express our love and care for them. When we thank God for our successes, we should give Him all the praises and glory and not take it as our own. We know we could have not done it without God so let’s thank Him by telling that truth to others. If we are indeed thankful that He gave us life through Jesus Christ, we should live for Him all the days of our life

When we give thanks it should be from the heart – from a grateful heart. Don’t ever try saying “thank you” with your eyes rolling. Giving thanks can’t be done while being grumpy.

I’m on a 5-day vacation now for our family thanksgiving and I feel like I did it wrong yesterday. I am sorry, Lord. Oh well, I got four more days to grow and learn more about giving thanks, so yeah.

Create in me a grateful heart, O God. Let me live my life thanking You for everything. And oh, thanks for this bird-chirping musical morning. Amen.


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