To my best friend whom I miss so much

Hi Cha!

I want to mail you a letter but I don’t know what to say. I just want to let you know I miss you and I still care for you and I long to hear your stories and share mine, too. That’s all. Probably, I’ll send it tomorrow. Yeah, hopefully I’d find the words to say hihi.

Oh, what a drama! But I want no more dramas. I miss us being so carefree, talking about things that lighten up our loads and brighten up our faces. HAHA I miss our spontaneous conversations. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee (oh, we don’t drink coffee together, maybe let’s just chat over, ahm, buns filled with condensed milk and cheese? Yeah, I miss that merienda with you.) I miss you. Let’s meet soon. Yeah, soon. As soon as possible. But really, I don’t know what stories I would share. I guess, I just want to be with you, to sit beside you and watch the fountain up and splash and whatever. Yes, I just want to be with you. 🙂

I hope to see you soon. Take care coz I care. HAHA I love you Cha. ❤

With smiles and prayers,

Jas 🙂

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