What makes a girl beautiful

Would you rather be a girl who is beautiful but not intelligent or a girl who is intelligent but not beautiful? (For the boys, would you rather be with a girl who is beautiful but not intelligent or with a girl who is intelligent but not beautiful?)

Woah, admit it. It’s a tough question. Not that we can’t really have it both, but what if we would be asked to choose just one – be beautiful or be intelligent? To be honest, I can’t answer it now. Thankfully, the Bible says that I am wonderfully and fearfully made, and that qualifies me as a beautiful and intelligent girl.. 😉

Hahaha. Yeah, I do believe that I’m beautiful because God made me to be, and my mother often affirms it. But as I grew up, I get to ask myself, what is it really that makes a girl beautiful?

A beauty queen-turned-TV show host, after interviewing former beauty queens, concluded three ways that make a girl beautiful:

  1. She is confident. She knows how to present herself in front of other people.
  2. She knows herself very well. She works on her strengths and weaknesses.
  3. She pursues what she loves to do. She spends time on the things that she is most passionate about.

I shared this to a guy friend and he agreed. He even said that I am indeed beautiful and I’m starting to believe it even more now HAHA. We affirmed that it’s not the physical appearance that makes a person attractive or the person’s look that would make you want to spend time with him or her, but it is the person’s attitude and outlook in life.

My friends know the qualities I look for in a man since my schooling years and I think it hasn’t change till now. I would love an intelligent partner. A man’s intellect makes him appear more handsome and gentleman in my eyes. I wonder, do men think of intelligent women that way?

There came a time when I thought I might be too idealistic to hope for a man with a great mind because of my friends’ comments. They say that my standards are unrealistic and so I considered leveling them down. Some even say that I tend to intimidate guys because I have a smart aura.

I almost believe that exposing my great mind (consciously and unconsciously) might give me a nerdy look and may cause a guy to back off or I might appear superior and then cause a guy to lose heart. But reading this article on how a woman’s mind can be sexier than her appearance, reaffirmed me that it’s okay to be smart. Here are some ways mentioned that I feel is true for me and made me feel more beautiful:

  • She remembers what others tell her and genuinely listens.
  • She’s interested in the world around her and actively engages herself in learning about it.
  • She can create conversation about any subject and clearly enjoys doing so.
  • She’s eager to learn about different facets of knowledge.
  • She’s interested in other careers and concepts that she doesn’t know much about.
  • She loves to dig deeper. She loves to learn more. She loves to question.

I somehow feel like the writer knows me and is describing me as he wrote the article. Haha, thanks indeed for writing these down! And of course, thanks to God, who knows me more intimately, for giving me this mind and for making me more beautiful and intelligent each day. Yey!


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