Writing what I think, Thinking what I write

“Writing is a way of finding out. By objectifying his thoughts in the medium of language, he gets a chance to see what is going on in his mind.”

Indeed, writing helps me clear my thoughts. Whenever I need to speak in front, it helps that I write what I’m going to talk about – may it be a birthday wish, an announcement, a short talk, or a sermon.  I am a lady of many words because I want to share ALL my ideas and so seeing my thoughts objectified through words makes me figure out what I really wanted to say and omit extraneous words.

Reading this article, I remembered when I was asked by a friend to send a greeting for the birthday of our common friend. We communicated thru txt and so my words were limited. It took me more than thirty minutes composing my message mainly because I’m not that close to the celebrant and because, as I said, the number of words were limited.

Choosing the right words is a tedious but fulfilling task. I picked the best words, combined phrases, and deleted words. It also led me to go straight to the point, with no sugarcoat, but with utmost sincerity. That was one of my shortest but most meaningful birthday greeting of all time haha! This reaffirms what I said earlier, writing helps me clear my thoughts. And that clear thinking helps me make my writing clear. 🙂


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