A forever friend

I never had a guy friend as close as this one. We talk about anything and everything under the sun. We spend more time together than we do with our other friends. I share him my thoughts, he affirms me, and I smile. He appreciates me and I thank him. And oh, he rebukes my thoughts, too, if necessary, and his words get me to rethink my views and opinions on things.

We eat carbonara together, that’s the reason I love carbonara. He treats me siomai, now I love siomai, too. Haha. We always have quality time spent while eating. Whenever he invites me for merienda or dinner, I join him even when I’m not hungry. Yes, even when I’m not hungry, and that even led to our “first date” (He said jokingly that it was a date, so yeah.) We love eating the same food over and over again, as long as we’re together. I remember there was a day we were both hungry, we ate our meals together the whole day – breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner. We got hungry too soon, I guess because we wanted another reason to eat together again. Chos!

He is smart. I hate it when he solves Math problems faster than I do, but of course, I admire him more when he does.  He wows me with his ideas without the intention of impressing me.  He just shares his awesome ideas for the sake of sharing, just like what I usually do.  He doesn’t agree that he is smarter than me, but I am convinced he is.

He is musically inclined. He plays stringed instruments, he owns a ukulele.  I got intrigued with it and learned to play it myself.  We often jam together during break time – he plays the guitar, I play the ukulele. I believe we two make a great tandem when it comes to music. He leads, I follow. When he sings a song, I would analyze its words.  He often tells me I shouldn’t be too critical on the lyrics and should learn to appreciate the melody and the music, but I would insist that the message of the song matters more than anything else. I won’t sing a song that I do not understand, I always say. Then we would choose another song.

We ride a jeepney together. Yeah. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Those are special days. We talk about our day, how we feel, what we think about what just happened, our plans for tomorrow or for the far future, and other stuff we just wanted to talk about. Around a hundred meters before my destination, I almost often feel uneasy, Should I invite him for a dinner or merienda? I know he feels that nudging too. Haha. Sometimes, he asks me.  Other times, I ask him. No matter who asks, eating together always end up in a good time.

He is a real friend, someone I’m comfortable with. I can share him my dreams, my concerns, my doubts, my joys, and my random ideas. He takes it all and responds honestly and sincerely, no sugarcoating or exaggerations. I learn much from him – life lessons and Math lessons. I enjoy time with him and he says that he does, too. My students who see us together would always tease us and I just respond with a smile.

Uhm, yeah, he closely fits my ideal guy BUT I don’t think I’m that open to have a deeper relationship with him. I don’t want to entertain that thought now. I’m not yet ready for anything more than a friendship.

Well, he’s actually not asking for it, so I’m safe. 🙂

He once said I am the one who can be a forever friend to him. The first time I heard it from him, I didn’t know how to react – should I be happy because we will be friends forever, or should I be sad because we will be just friends forever?

I remembered him as I read this article about lovers and friends. Who knows we might just be building a foundation for a deeper relationship? I don’t know. God knows. For now, let me just treasure our friendship. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A forever friend

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    Day Six: A Character-Building Experience

    Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

    I’ve known this person since high school, but just this year, I realized how interesting he is!

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