“Lord, take away all things that hinder me from serving You fully.”

I confessed my sins, my hesitations, my laziness, and my selfish desires. I lifted them up to the Lord. I really asked God to take away anything that takes much of my time and sets off my focus from Christ.

Then, Candy crush came to mind.
Woah! I was surprised.

“Not this one,” I thought.
“Is this really included in the things I need to let go of?”
Then came to mind another game: 2fuse.

“Oh, even this?”
I was struck.

I know quite well how playing my cellphone games gives me pleasure and an additional sense of accomplishment but in turn takes much of my time and attention to the point that I miss my Quiet Times and unintentionally neglect my teacher duties. It has been my prayer concern to learn to set limits on playing since I encountered Candy crush and 2fuse last April.

There was a time in 2014 when in one of my Quiet Times, I heard God asking me to uninstall all my games but I ignored His message. Maybe I can discipline myself even without uninstalling these games, I told myself.  But I was wrong.

Now, I can’t just ignore it. I have just prayed to God to take away anything that hinders me from serving Him fully. Now that He is telling me to be the answer to my prayer, how could I ignore Him?

I was speechless. I didn’t know how to respond. Do I really need to say Yes, Lord, I will uninstall my games now?

I stared at the clear sky contemplating what to do. Uninstalling them means freeing myself from my sort of addiction, but this would also mean taking from me the pleasure I get from these games.
But then not uninstalling would be a disobedience to what God wanted me to do and it would show whether I am sincere with my prayer just a while ago or those were just words from my mouth and not from my heart.

I struggled, yes. It may seem exaggerated, but I really did struggle.

More minutes of silence came.


Thoughts were popping in my head. What is holding me back from obeying God? These are just games, I can do without them. I can even have more time to do more productive things if these will be removed from my phone. But I want to level up. I want to brag my top score to my friends. I like it when they borrow my phone just to play candy crush or 2fuse. I worked hard for my scores. Do I really need to uninstall my games, just like that?

Then comes the most difficult question: Which choice would bring the most glory to God?

I shut up. Obviously, the answer is uninstalling my games. I prayed once again, bargained, reconsidered my decison, prayed for wisdom and grace, then finally promised I would uninstall it as soon as possible. I got relieved after saying my promise.

After my Quiet Time, I played my last five games, then uninstalled Candy crush. I didn’t think it would be that quick and easy! But to be honest, before doing so, I felt the urge to connect Candy crush to my Facebook account just to record my level. (Oops, sorry po hindi ko na-let go ng todo.) Now I’m asking God for strength to resist the temptation of installing it again. Yes, please Lord, give me strength.

What about 2fuse?
Well, admittedly, I thought it would be okay to just delete Candy crush and leave 2fuse installed so that I still have one game on my phone BUT just this afternoon, I was reminded of my promise to God that I will delete all the games on my phone. So I uninstalled 2fuse right away.

No more 2fuse. No more candy crush. I just hope I wouldn’t find another distraction of any form.

Lord, thank you for Your grace and wisdom. I’m finally free from candy crush and 2fuse! Now, I am praying that I would be able to spend more time with You, by Your grace and for Your glory. 🙂 Amen.


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