Entropy II

When my bed is cluttered, I can’t think in a clear and organized way.  I feel overwhelmed and tired.  But when my bed is clean and clear, then my thoughts just flow in an orderly manner. Or maybe not.

 I don’t know. I’m not sure because my bed is seldom free from books, bags, clothes, and pieces of paper laid on it.  Almost always, I can’t sleep without worrying that I might push something off the bed. Indeed, my bed affects how I think and move.

Or maybe the other way around.

My bed is a reflection of what’s on my mind at the moment.  When I have cluttered thoughts in mind, expect my bed to be cluttered.  When I am relaxed and have done what’s ought to be done, my bed becomes more inviting with its comfy pillows and Dora blanket.

Hmm. From my past journal entries, I realized that I now get easier to be overwhelmed.  When I need and/or want to do many things all at the same time, I easily get out of focus and then procrastinate.  Sadly, I think I have become more passive and lazy to the point that I have settled lying on the little space that my messy bed can offer.

I may blame entropy for that but I know it’s not just the reason why my bed gets messy even just two days after I have kept it tidy.  Last August, I have discovered the how and why of my messy bed: excuses and excuses! Excuses which rooted from laziness and passivity.

Oh, when can I sleep with stretched arms and legs once more? Laziness and passivity, please go away. I don’t need you here. I want to be diligent and productive. I miss my comfy and welcoming bed. Hope to sleep again with clear thoughts on my clear bed soon.

This is in response to: The Daily Post: Sweeping Motions.


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