just me.. hoping

Yes, I want to spread hope to everyone that’s why I started this blog. But honestly, I, too, get tired and frustrated and overwhelmed and exhausted and confused. Yeah.

Times like those I wanted to use this blog as an outlet but I felt restricted because of my blog’s name: Just mean hope.

So many times I have listed other names that I could choose from the moment I decide to change its name but I always end up coming back to Just mean hope.

One reason is because I already started my FB page with that name. (Petty but true hehe) Another is it sounds like my name, Jasmin Hope. (Though actually, I only annexed Hope to my real name Jasmin HAHA. I did it on FB two years ago when I was feeling hopeless. I was inspired by Charlotte to do that just as how she uplifted Wilbur and gave him names he must live out.)

Ooh… haha. Maybe that’s it. Why don’t I commit to fully accept my blog’s name now and start living it out? Yeah. I think, uhm, I believe that’s the best thing to do now. Accept the name and live it out. Ehem.

Maybe I don’t need to restrict myself on posting when I feel down. But this I should do before writing: talk to God first in prayer. Voice out my feelings and concerns. Then wait on Him. Read His messages of hope. Listen to His Word. Be still even if I can’t seem to hear Him. Be still and wait on Him, hoping to encounter Him and dwell in His presence at the moment.

Yeah. Now that’s what I’ll do. Seek God first, my only source of hope. Then share here God’s message of hope to me and to everyone. :)) Yey, finally! I’m one step nearer my desired blog. I’m starting to see the bigger picture.

Now here I am hoping to learn more and share more through writing my experiences and God’s messages. 🙂 I just hope I could do this as regular as possible. Hihi.

Yeah. And one more thing. I want to be more positive with my words but still be as honest as I can so as not to sugarcoat the reality.

Now, I feel more ready to share God’s message of hope. Hooray! 🙂


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