First, I would like to thank Writing 101 for reminding me to just let go of my thoughts and emotions as I write. Thank you. 🙂

Hmm. Three most important songs in my life?

  1. May galak, may saya
  2. Free to dance
  3. Can’t take that away from me

I love singing May galak, May saya. I smile whenever I sing it. Even now as I hum it to myself, I can’t help but smile. This song reminds me that with God, there is joy, peace, and strength; there is singing, dancing, and praising.  Sapagkat hirap ng puso ay naglalaho.  This line refreshes me because it seems to really take away everything that’s making my heart feel heavy. 🙂 And truly, all these singing, dancing, and praising are brought by a rejoicing and blessed heart (hatid ng pusong pinagpala Niyang lubos). ❤ Yey! Thank you Lord. 🙂

Next song, Free to Dance. I remember the time I felt so down that I wanted to escape from all my responsibilities. I dwelt on my negative thoughts for quite a long time (around two weeks? or three?).  Then a friend lent me her book, Heidi.  I read how Heidi was so carefree and, uhm, and free! HAHA. She was so spontaneous and appreciative that everything around her seemed perfect.  I realized then that I want to be like her, just as who I was before.  When I came back to my jolly self, Free to Dance captured it all.


I’ll sing in the darkness, I’ll laugh in the rain; rejoice in your love again.

It’s your song of freedom, now I’m free to dance again. 🙂

Haay! I really love this song. :)))


Last but not the least is Can’t take that away from me by Mariah Carey.  I first heard this song in highschool.  I was feeling very down then because of the pressure I get from my coach while reviewing Mathematics alone in the faculty room all day. (Well, I think, alone all day is an exaggeration. Haha. Bare with me, I was depressed those times. HAHA) I was feeling low when a close friend entered the room.  I shared how I feel and then she took her MP3 player in her bag and lent it to me. She played the song and handed the player to me; then she bid goodbye. I sat down, trying to guess what song it was as the instrumental was playing.  It was a new song to me. The lyrics hit me. A tear dropped.  Then another.  I cried. I didn’t expect I would cry.  The words. They were exactly how I feel. I was having my moment when she entered the room again and, of course, she saw me crying. HAHA. HAHAHA.


My third writing assignment:

Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice


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