Unlocking My Mind

Finally, I am pushed to write again! I still don’t know what to write now but I hope this would make sense as I go on.

Oh, I’ve been thinking on writing why I blog, maybe now’s the time to do it. Or not. Haha.

My younger cousin is kind of distracting me now; I can’t concentrate. Hmm. Do I really need to concentrate?

Twenty minutes. What can be done in twenty minutes aside from writing my thoughts? Review for LET, make my bed, prepare my materials for classroom decoration, dream, watch TV, rest and take a nap, or just stare somewhere. :p  But I choose to write.  I miss writing. I don’t care much of my cousin singing the Let it go again and again. (Oh, good news! He left the room just now. Haha.)

Why am I writing?

When I was in college, our professor in Creative Writing class instructed us to have a writing journal and write in it everyday.  We may write anything – poems, stories, jokes, quotes, conversations, thoughts, memories, etc. I choose to write memories because they are important to me. I love reminiscing memories, especially the happy ones. And what I love even more is when I read those memories after a year, a month, or even just after a day. 🙂 Oh, I miss writing. I haven’t wrote any memory for the past, uhm, twenty days (?)

Writing. To be a good writer, one must be a good reader. This is my problem. I don’t read as much as my friends do. Oh, actually, I read books such as devotional books and inspirational books but not much on stories or novels. Honestly, I feel kind of insecure because I know I don’t read much. Okay. Too much on that topic. Or maybe not.

I want to share the book I read most: the Bible. I just realized the Bible contains stories. Haha, all this time I thought I was not reading stories, silly me. (Argh, many thoughts are popping in my head. I can’t write everything! They’re too fast to be processed and encoded. Huhu.)

Now, where am I?

Oh, twenty minutes is over. Hihi. That was fast.


My first writing assignment. 😀

Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind


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