2048: Game Over


Yeah! I won! ūüėÄ
I saw my friends playing this game last Friday. The numbers took my interest and while watching a friend play, I was kind of wishing and waiting for the Game Over to appear on the screen. Hihi. Yeah, that was a not so good wish; I feel silly remembering I wished for it.
A little later, it was my turn.  Wow! It was exciting and challenging! And I was pressured a bit because I am older than them so I felt like I should always make the right moves.  Haha. After a few rounds, a friend called to meet me and so I needed to say goodbye to the game, and oh, to my playmates, too. :p

At home, I¬†checked the game online and played it for just an hour.¬†¬†And¬†uhm, for another hour.¬† I played for almost two hours. Or more. Yeah,¬†I think for more than two hours. Oooh.¬† I¬†got hooked.¬† No, this shouldn’t be! I had many last games until I finally played the last…for that night.

The next morning, yeah, you’re right, I was in front of the laptop again, playing 2048.¬† Pleasure came every time I scored higher and then there was the desire to score higher the next game.¬† If I didn’t need to go, I would have played for hours.¬† Thank God, I needed to go.¬† I can’t stop playing by my own will and so I needed an¬†external force to stop me.¬† I stopped.¬†¬†I reached 1024.

I travelled with my father.  I could see the numbers and the grid.  I tried to read a book to divert my thoughts.  I was successful.

I arrived at my tutee’s house.¬† We studied conjunctions,¬†sentences, electricity, rocks, and planets¬†for three hours.¬† You could imagine how tired our brains were after the session.¬†¬†We needed a rest and so we watched and fed their orange fishes, observed the red ants, ate cake and fries, and played sungka and water-less water gun¬†for the next¬†hour.¬† I enjoyed every activity.¬† I mean it.¬† ūüôā

I left at 5:30pm; her mother dropped me at the highway to wait for a bus.¬† While waiting, I saw the grid and the numbers again.¬† I was moving the tiles left and right to merge two like¬†numbers into one. Oh, no!¬† It was so tiring!¬† I rode a bus and when a vacant seat was made available for me, I closed my eyes to sleep.¬† I lacked sleep last night because of 2048; this is my opportunity to rest, I thought.¬† But…

When I closed my eyes, argh! The¬†grid appeared again.¬† I couldn’t rest.¬† I texted my friends who introduced the game to me and shared my experience.¬† I read the book again to divert my thoughts.¬† A few minutes later, I fell asleep.

That night, I managed not to play the game.  Control yourself, Jas, I kept reminding myself.  I felt fulfilled not turning the laptop on.

Tonight, I saw the laptop and turned it on.  You know what happened next.  I just wanted to reach 2048 so that I could finally stop playing it again and again.  And I also wanted to show it to my friends and feel proud of my achievement.  After three (or four?) long games (yes, long, because each game took me almost 30 minutes), I finally reached 2048!  It was a wow.  I was surprised how it happened.  I was happy!  Now I could tell my friends I reached it. Right away, I posted it on my Facebook wall.  It was a nice accomplishment.


Right now, after reflecting on what this 2048 had done to me this weekend, I realized something.  I love numbers.  I love playing with numbers.  I love being challenged to think.  I love seeing patterns.  I enjoyed the game, yes.  I felt satisfied while playing, yeah, but as I notice how it was eating my time, I felt guilty.  Playing 2048 for more than two hours a day made me feel, uhm, like it was, uhm, a guilty pleasure, or something like that.  Yeah, for real.  Even blogging about how I got hooked on it made me feel uneasy.  I realized I had spent too much time for it.

I won. Right.¬† I’m glad I won the game now because that means I can stop on playing it again and again.¬†Right. I should be happy.

Oooooh. That’s it! Right! I won! Haha. I can free myself from this game now! Yes, I should really be happy!

Haha.¬† There, there. I’m thankful I have finished the game tonight because that means I can stop on playing it again and again!¬†Now I could¬†do more productive things again!¬†Yes!

Hello real life games -with less pressure and more fun!¬† Hello animals and plants!¬† Hello sky and wind! Hello fellow humans!¬† Hello to God’s world where I can experience real satisfaction!¬† And rest!¬†Hello peace!

The game is over. Yey!¬† I want to say goodbye to you, 2048.¬† Even to you, worldwideweb. I hope I could really do.¬† Good bye for now virtual world!¬†I need to experience more things in the real world.¬† I guess, I’ll be here less often starting now.

Right, I need to.

Hmm… Be online for just¬†two hours a day starting today?¬† Yeah, that would do.



By your grace, Lord, let me spend more of my time with You, with my family, friends, neighbors, and pets.¬† Let me do more things with¬†my hands and fingers aside from pressing the keys on the laptop.¬† Let me use my whole body, my energy, my time and my mind for Your glory alone.¬† Teach me to truly love You with all my heart, with all my soul, with my all mind, and with all my strength. Thank You for loving me, Lord. I love you, too! ‚̧


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