Thank you, Tambays.

Cars, jeepneys and trucks passed by.  There were red and yellow lights.  Horns kept on beeping.  I just stood there alone, thinking and waiting.  I didn’t know when to cross the road. I’m really not good at it.  And so I waited and waited for the perfect timing.  Alas! The red light! I confidently (and hastily) walked, assured that nothing would hit me.  I reached the center island and thought of resting a bit but I knew I shouldn’t.  I paused for a second then walked again till I reached the other side of the street.  I did it!  I did it!  I did it!  Yeah! 

I wanted to tap my back for a job well done, but before I could even think of it, the friendly tambays had congratulated me! HAHAHA! Wow! Ang galing mo, ate! I looked at them and they cheered me even more. Haha. I was surprised because I knew I wasn’t good at uhm, yeah, at crossing, and yet they cheered and affirmed that I did well. Haha. I was happy, yes, and I felt like I really did something great.  Funny, it seems, but their cheers really made me smile.

I had gone few steps away when I remembered I wasn’t able to thank them for their affirmation.  I looked back and saw them crossing the road.  I didn’t bother yelling out my thanks to them because they might hear me, get distracted in search of me, stop walking and then be bumped by a car.  That would be a scene I wouldn’t want to see.  And so, I just whispered my thanks and hoped they would be safe wherever they might be going.

Hey, this is to say thank you to you guys, the friendly tambays, for cheering me when I reached the finish line! Hahahaha. Thanks!


A simple word of affirmation matters.  Cheer a family member, a friend, or even a stranger today! 🙂  Make them smile! 😀

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