A fresher start

Just some history on my blogging. Hohoho.

July 2012. I started blogging but left it when I noticed I was getting too sentimental on my posts. It was supposed to be a collection of experiences that brings me peace, but eventually it seemed to be just an outlet of my secret thoughts and masked emotions. Oooh.

April 2013. I started another blog about growing up but it lasted only for almost four months. I lost interest in maintaining it because it wasn’t that visually appealing to me. Yeah, I should have changed the theme but I didn’t know there were a lot of colorful, bright and sunny themes available in WordPress so I settled for the plain, simple and more serious themes then. Seriously. Haha. Or maybe I was just too impatient to wait for the themes to load. Silly me.

August 2013. I stopped blogging. I settled with my Practicum and Quiet Time journals. But I kept on reading blogs which inspire me to create mine also.

January 2014. My sister and I were talking about blogs and websites when I remembered Weebly, a site I used to make a blog as a requirement in one of my subjects in college. My excitement rushed in and I just found myself browsing my blogs then. I got inspired. Ideas came one after another on how my blog would look like, what I would share, how often would I post on it and all the things about blogging that I could think of. That night, I created a new blog. In Weebly.

I needed it, I thought. I want a fresh start. I’m leaving the serious world of WordPress. I started my new blog, enjoyed laying-out my posts, and expressed my enthusiasm and idealism to reach the Filipino youth through my blog. Hahaha.

6 March 2014. I noticed how much time I had spent on blogging. It isn’t good to give so much of my time on this, I realized. I left my blog for a while and told myself I need to regulate my online hours. During those days, I happened to drop by my roommate’s blog. Oh, I missed WordPress. I wanted to go back so I could follow her. Also, I felt the need to belong in a community of bloggers, even though I don’t usually let others read my thoughts because of my inferiority and insecurity issues when it comes to writing. But yeah, I wanted to be back.

And so I am back. 🙂 Haha. It was a great deal contemplating if leaving my newly started blog would really do me good. I even talked this over with my sister, and gratefully, an insight came. I’m going back to WordPress but will not totally abandon Weebly. My WordPress would be my official blog; my Weebly could just be my portfolio of cut-out paintings and other works that inspire me. Yey!

10 March 2014. I created this new blog for a fresher start. I invested time in searching for the theme that appeals to me at the moment. I posted my thoughts on starting again and reflected on what I should post in here.

This is it! I hope I made the right decision. Hahaha. Haha. Hope I won’t have to leave this again some time in the future. No, please. Hihi.


This is in response to the Daily Prompt: If You Leave.


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