Hello again, WordPress.

hope for the flowers

hope for the flowers

I’m back. I am not yet sure with what I’m doing. Will I really be blogging here for real? We’ll see. I hope so.

Hi WordPress. I tried to leave you in search of a fresh start, but here I am again starting another blog with you. Argh, why can’t I stick to just one blog?

Just mean hope. Oops, the lines above doesn’t deserve to be in this blog. How can those questions and indecisiveness mean hope?

Hmm. Hopelessness. Insecurity. Inferiority. Getting discouraged. Giving up. Quitting. These words don’t mean hope. I hope I will see not even a hint of these in my newest blog. I hope so. Hihihi. I’m letting them go. Shoo!

There. I just really had to type those discouraging words. Sometimes, that’s all I need to do to get loose and be free of expressing myself. Okay, Jas. No more insecurities and inferiorities. Just write. Do not be discouraged. This blog need not be perfect. Just let your creative brain do the writing. And don’t forget your blog’s purpose: to share God’s message of hope. Keep that always in mind. As much as possible, avoid ranting. Hahaha. There, there. Thanks for smiling, Jas, I now see a glimpse of hope in this blog. Haha. Yey!

Just mean hope. What do I mean by this? It actually came from my name: Jasmin Hope which means hope for the flowers.

When I think of flowers, I see little girls smiling, playing and running freely; I hear them giggle at their funny stories; I feel the rush of wind and the heat of sun striking my brown skin as I sit under the shade of a tree; I smell the bouquet of white roses that I will soon be receiving from my secret admirer; and I taste the sweet victory of discovering and achieving my dream.

Yea, Hope for the flowers means giving hope to little children, especially girls; sharing hope through uplifting stories; not losing hope for the environment; hoping and waiting for my best partner in life; and empowering people to dream and to hope for a bright future.

This is about playtime, stories, God’s creation, love, dreams and success. This is about me being a kid at heart, a friend, a nature lover, a lady, a teacher, a dreamer; a child of God, a friend of Jesus, a steward of His creation, a woman after God’s own heart, a teacher of His Word, a messenger of God’s Hope.

Sharing God’s message of hope. This is my mission. All by God’s grace, for God’s glory alone.  🙂


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